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Meeting with BC Hydro

BC Hydro
We had a great first meeting with BC Hydro and disgusted several topics such has the importants to be able to specify both when and where the mechanical insulation problem is occurring: at the time of construction vs. during servicing, and in the mechanical room vs. behind walls in risers and laterals, ducts vs pipes, maintenance (eg valve replacement), etc
– We should look into the treatment of mechanical insulation in ASHRAE 100 – Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings. It could be another avenue for initiating change.
– The New Construction program provides funding for building design and energy modeling in order to achieve greater energy performance, and funds the retrofit of existing buildings. Thus far, BC Hydro’s recommissioning program has not focused on insulation.
– Pipes Need Jackets Too covers a lot of territory in the policy recommendations that it makes. In order to make a stronger case for building code changes, it would be useful to have a one-pager that clearly articulates the specific code changes that are needed along with the rationale.
– A pilot program with one or two local governments to examine the effectiveness of local government policy tools and utility financial incentives could be a good goal after the policies and incentives are further refined. Potential pilot communities include: Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria. All three have BC Hydro funded Community Energy Managers and significant floor area that is heated by electrically powered systems
– Making available model language for sustainability checklists would be useful
– A mini-analysis of actual ASHRAE 90.1 wording relating to MI would also be useful for many stakeholders – e.g., building code

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