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What’s Going On? An Update From Steve Clayman

This column is the first of what will be regular entries in TIAC Times. “Raising the Awareness” of mechanical insulation has become a real eye-opener and a challenge at the same time. People you would think should know better, actually don’t when it comes to mechanical insulation. As we push for more recognition, there is bounce-back with comments such as,

“It’s insignificant.”

“It doesn’t matter how much or how little insulation is on the pipe, the heat stays in the building.”

“Increased pipe insulation thicknesses will increase the size of pipe chases, reducing the amount of rentable floor space.”

Where do you go with comments like these? In my view, you go around the naysayers, and that is what we’ve been doing. The following is a look at where we’ve been so far….. READ MORE

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