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Cold Climate HVAC Conference Clagary November 12-14

The BC Insulators will be in Calgary to speak with industry professionals about mechanical insulation HVAC Systems and Equipment
Mechanical Insulation—A New Approach to an Overlooked Problem
Bud Fraser, P.Eng.1, Micah Lang2 and Jeff Besant, P.Eng.3, (1)Golder Associates, Vancouver, BC, Canada, (2)Golder Associates (formely HB Lanarc), Vancouver, BC, Canada, (3)Besant and Associates Engineers, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mechanical insulation is a critical element of the design, operation, maintenance and safety characteristics of mechanical systems. Because of the importance of these systems, there are established standards and guidelines in place. Yet, we have found through research and interviews that mechanical insulation is often poorly managed on job sites and throughout of the life of mechanical systems. Through these efforts, we identified some of the reasons why mechanical insulation systems are often not installed properly and we have recommended solutions for these problems. Further, we have provided empirical evidence that buttresses the justification for the proper application and maintenance of insulation systems in terms of energy, service life and maintenance savings.
Our purpose is to provide information that will lead to an ultimate goal of having every section of pipe, duct and mechanical equipment insulated correctly. We have structured our documents in a top down definition system that can work in conjunction with existing standards and specification systems. We define assemblies through performance starting at a concept level then progressively refine the information, ultimately describing specific products and application methods. We developed a tool which owners, property managers, engineers, designers and capital planners can use to help make timely and effective decisions about their insulation needs, and what upgrades may be required to optimize the application of their mechanical insulation systems. At a meta level, we found
methods for engineers to communicate complex technical information to lay people with enough content and detail so that they can make informed decisions. We incorporated these methods into our tools. Developing effective communication strategies is a challenge that all engineers encounter at various times in their career.

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