Mechanical Insulation and Passive Design Best Practices

The City of North Vancouver are a step ahead when it comes to mechanical insulation
– File: 3760-10-01

Report: Deputy Director, Community Development, September 20, 2012.
Moved by Councillor Keating, seconded by Councillor Buchanan

PURSUANT to the Report of the Deputy Director, Community Development, dated September 20, 2012, entitled “Mechanical Insulation and Passive Design Best Practices”:

THAT staff continue their current practice of encouraging mechanical insulation best practices for all construction projects in the City;

AND THAT mechanical insulation energy efficiency specifications and best practices be included in the City’s tendering and procurement process;

AND THAT revisions to the City’s Sustainable Development Guidelines be endorsed as attached to September 20, 2012 report with explicit encouragement of mechanical insulation and passive design best practices;

AND THAT staff be directed to create a North Shore Passive Design Users Guide as a resource for the development industry as part of the Community Development Department 2013-2014 Work Program, provided that outside funding be secured;

AND THAT the City continue to consider partnership opportunities as they arise in relation to testing new energy efficiency standards and emerging construction practices.


Report:  Deputy Director, Community Development, September 20, 2012.

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