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Silica Aerogel (Uncommon in commercial & residential applications)

This material is uncommon in commercial and residential applications. Some general information is provided for additional reference.


Aerogel is a manufactured porous solid consisting almost entirely of gas (air) with a very fine latticework of solid material in a spherical shape. This solid material makes up anywhere from one to five percent of the volume of the aerogel. Despite the name aerogels do not contain a gel; though they begin life as a material matrix with liquid (gel) supporting the lattice.

Aerogel is available for some high-performance applications, but due to its high cost, it has not been widely used. However, new research offers the potential to drastically reduce the cost of producing aerogel, and could lead to new possibilities for its use as a building and insulation material.

Aerogels can be destroyed by water.

Working with aerogel, as with many other insulating materials, requires attention to health and safety, including avoidance of inhalation of aerogel dust.

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