1.8 Avoiding Problems through Best Practices & Processes

Avoidance of the problems outlined above and achieving desired project objectives requires good practice to be implemented throughout the mechanical insulation process; it also requires participation of a range of project stakeholders.


Example Project Processes

The following flow chart illustrates a typical process followed during a development project, as it pertains to mechanical insulation.

Figure 1.8.1 – Example Process for a Development Project

1.8 development process

Mechanical Insulation Roles and Responsibilities

Following are typical roles and responsibilities needed to achieve successful projects with respect to mechanical insulation objectives. These roles and responsibilities will vary somewhat by project and jurisdiction, and are not intended to replace roles and responsibilities that are required through regulation; rather they are intended to highlight the elements generally needed for good mechanical insulation practice throughout all phases of a project.

Table 1.8.2 - Mechanical Insulation Roles and Responsibilities

Refer to the following section for recommendations on qualifications.