3.0 Reference Specifications

There are multiple references from which specifications for a given project may be developed
(see the Summary of Key Codes and Standards section earlier) including:

  • BCICA Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation Association of Canada

Appendix C includes reference specifications that cover the most common scenarios.

Four separate specification sections, prepared to CSC formats (MasterFormat, SectionFormat and PageFormat), are included in this section. Section numbers are designated in 5-digits (MasterFormat 1995) and 6-digits (MasterFormat 2004).

Table 3.0.1

Specification Numbering Formats NMS Numbering Matrix MasterFormat 1994 to 2004 and UniFormat (2010)


Note that these specifications have been numbered in Division 23 – HVAC (per MasterFormat 2004). Sections for plumbing (Division 22) and Fire Suppression (Division 21) piping and equipment should be renumbered accordingly.

It is recommended that these specifications be selected and incorporated in project specifications to complement system design.