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Speaking with Provincial Government

The momentum of the campaign is really beginning to pick up speed in the last several weeks. we had an opportunity to speak with provincial government they were very interested in the resolution which is being presented at the UBCM.

Also there was a high interest in construction practices taking place, at the meeting as representatives from several branches provincial government which included.

1. Building and Safety Standards Branch
2. Intergovernmental Relations and Planning Division
3. Environmental Stewardship and Technical Value
4. Climate Policy
5. Energy Efficiency Branch

This was a great opportunity to address the issues surrounding mechanical insulation but also to have our partners stand alongside us when we made this presentation.

HB Lanarc to give a 10 min. presentation on the discoveries found in the white paper document, while our organization along with a representative of the Insulation Contractors Association (BCICA) give a State of the industry address.

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