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Mineral Fibre with FSK Vapour Retarder


Mineral fibre (or mineral wool) is available as flexible blanket, rigid board, pipe covering and other pre-moulded shapes. It is generally a lower cost material that is more commonly used in the mid-temperature range.

The product is non-combustible and has good sound absorption qualities. It has low compressive strength (the compressive strength of Perlite and Calcium Silicate is much higher). Also, the binders can begin to burn off above about 200 ºC, and the material can sometimes slump over time.

Physical Properties

Installed Cost Ref Density Max Temp Thermal Conductivity
Low 430 kg per cubic meter 982ºC 0.071 W/m*ºK
UV Resistance Flame Spread Smoke Developed  Compressive Strength
High 25 0 <8 kPA (or < 1 PSI)

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